Woman Montagut


Woman Montagut

The woman Montagut, Josephine, is an independent, active and cultivated city dweller. She always appreciates the natural materials of our clothes in cashmere, wool and silk or even alpaca. She is well in her day and has this easy elegance that makes all her charm. She has an independent, cosmopolitan personality who cultivates the taste of beautiful things. She likes the discreet luxury, sensitive to the softness of the mesh. She also enjoys the relaxed and natural environment of our countryside, where she takes pleasure in discovering beautiful walks in the forest, warm in her fluffy and colorful mohair sweater. Ball and round shapes enhance the comfort of the mohair.

The accessories for women complete its look: mohair hat, headband, gloves, cashmere scarf ... The rising collar that protects from the cold, the very long sleeves that hide the fingers, the lengths of the sweaters, everything is thought for a winter to countryside. The abstract patterns of the graphic jacquards come from the beautiful plumages.

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