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Expertise and commitments

Since 1880, Maison Montagut has been an expert in knitting and has perpetuated its ancestral know-how from generation to generation. From silk thread to sweater, through hosiery and lingerie, our house has developed unique expertise in the manufacture of refined knitted items.
Given the current questions about the environment and the future of our planet, we are aware that the ready-to-wear environment and more particularly the knitwear sector is not a good one Student. Despite everything, since our creation, we have always surrounded ourselves with reliable partners with products of exemplary quality but above all with the most responsible creation and making conditions possible. However, in order not to lie to you, we know that the race towards totally controlled and ethical production has only just begun.

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Guaranteed quality

The remeshing and finishing of the sweaters are done by hand. The integration of production makes it possible to meet deadlines and quality. The models are created in our Style office located rue Rotrou in Paris.
In our factory in Portugal, we knit in fully-fashioned, that is to say in shape, without loss of materials, this which avoids waste. The articles have very clear borders because they are re-stitched by hand. In our factory in Poland, which specializes in large mesh, we work on hand machines, each of which is unique.

The making

Nothing escapes the control of our teams from the creation to the sale of sweaters. Most of our collection is knitted in our own factories in Portugal, for fine knit, and in Poland for more generous knit. The advantage of European production allows us, ourselves, to monitor production and thus maintain loyal relationships for 50 years with our design and tailoring teams. It allows great freedom of creation but above all unique colors. The dyes are ecological, approved in Europe.
We also work with a loyal partner in China (in Inner Mongolia, a region renowned for its high-quality goat breeding) for some of our cashmere. This partner is visited several times a year for the smooth running of the creations but also for the assurance of good working conditions in this factory. At the same time, our Braga factory is constantly studying this material and has invested in machines specific to its quality and finesse, with the aim of bringing its production home to Portugal in 3 to 5 years so that we can speak with pride of a collection. 100% made in Europe.

Our resolutions

First, we offer two collections per year, which corresponds to a reasonable pace of creation unlike that set up by fast-fashion. Indeed, in recent years, fashion has been imposed on a hellish pace, modifying the ways of apprehending and conceiving it. Despite this, we have remained true to our origins and place importance on quality rather than quantity.

Second, in Portugal, our stitches are knitted in "fully-fashionned". That is to say, parts designed according to the shape of the finished product, which does not require any cutting operation. This process therefore saves material when it is made.

Third, we select materials such as cotton, having GOTS certification, Global Organic Textile Standard. This certification guarantees the biological origin of the raw material and the least impact on the environment, from its harvest to its manufacture. Everything is controlled with the aim of respecting the environment, workers and the consumer. GOTS requires a reduction in water and energy consumption throughout the production process.

Finally, the dyes we use are Conform Reach (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) certified. That is to say, they respect the European Union regulation adopted to better protect human health and the environment against the risks linked to chemical substances.

Our materials

Our house is renowned for its meshes made of mostly natural and quality materials.

We work mainly with Italian and Portuguese spinners who select
the finest and longest fibers to make a thread corresponding to our quality requirements.
So we can offer a grade cashmere A, which allows you to create sweaters with good density and better hold.
We invite you to discover our beautiful materials.

Animal fiber

Regarding animal fibers, the materials are certified mulesing free for merino wool, Woolmark for classic wool and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) for mohair, which ensures animal welfare. For winter 20-21, we decided to create a line of cashmere and recycled wool clothing. This collection is a first step towards recycling raw materials and creating in the context of a circular economy.

Vegetable fibere

The natural vegetable fibers that we use are mainly cotton, part of which comes from organic farming and GOTS certified. Then, the linen, mainly used in our spring-summer collections, comes from China like the bamboo that we use for our bamboo-cashmere blend. Our synthetic fibers from our blends are manufactured primarily in Europe.ibres naturelles végétales que nous utilisons sont principalement le coton dont une partie est issue de l'agriculture biologique et certifiée GOTS. Puis, le lin, utilisé essentiellement dans nos collections printemps-été, provient de Chine comme le bambou que nous utilisons pour notre mélange bambou-cachemire. Nos fibres synthétiques provenant de nos mélanges sont fabriquées avant tout en Europe.

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We deliver our story to you with as much transparency as possible and in the future, we are committed to communicating more responsibly and to being part of the companies that are mobilizing for the fashion of tomorrow.